Thermal Storage Brick Series

Magnesia Bricks

A basic refractory thermal storage product having a partially pre-formed reaction magnesia iron sand as a main phase. The main mineral composition is periclase, spinel and a small amount of silicate. The particles are in an opaque structure, the spinel in the periclite is fully developed, and the matrix portion is a turbid structure. The intercrystalline crystal is a low porosity product in which the periclase-pre-reacted magnesia iron sand directly combines the structure. The product has uniform composition, stable performance, high thermal conductivity, super hot melt ratio, load softening temperature and high temperature mechanical strength, and strong resistance to basic slag.

Brand Chemical Analysia (%) Physical Property Description Application
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO C.C.S(MPa) A.P.(%) B.D.(g/cm3) R.U.D.(℃) T.S.R.(1100℃ Water Cooling)
MFe-82 4.5 7-8 3.5 82 50 15 2.90 Good thermal storage ability and high specific heat capacity Electric thermal storage heaters,the industrial and civil storage boiler, regenerator grids
MZ-91 4.5 3.5 91 60 15 2.90 1500
MZ-95 2.0 1.5 94.5 60 15 2.90 1550