Dead-Burnt Magnesia Bricks

Made from high-purity magnesia, the higher the MgO content, the higher the firing temperature, and the higher the direct bonding degree of the periclase crystals in the product, as well as having better high temperature performance, and the corrosion resistance. The re-bonded magnesia brick product made of fused magnesia is high in density, and the crystal size of the periclase is large. Its high temperature volume stability, high temperature strength and slag resistance are better. Magnesia bricks are widely used in permanent lining of steelmaking furnaces, lime kiln, glass kiln, ferroalloy furnace, mixed iron furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, etc. Re-bonded magnesia brick after asphalt impregnation treatment is often used as a steel bar and a vulnerable part of the non-ferrous metallurgical furnace.

Brand Chemical Analysia (%) Physical Property Description Application
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO C.C.S
(950℃ Air Cooling)
97 1 96.5 80 16 3 1700 10 High strength,
corrosion resistance,
spalling resistance,
high temperature resistance,
Steel making EAF,
converter, glass kiln
and transfer ladle
95 2 94.5 70 17 2.95 1600 10
92 4.5 92 60 18 2.9 1500 Safety lining in
all kind of
industrial furnaces